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eWay Shared Payments

eWAY is a leading provider of online payments solutions for Australia, New Zealand and the UK. This plugin integrates with the Australian Direct Payments and Stored Payments gateways, so that your website can safely accept credit card payments.

Easily and safely accept credit card payment via eWAY Shared Payments The eWAY Shared Payments payment gateway allows you to accept payment through any of the eWAY sites, AU, NZ, UK, without exposing you to the costly requirements of SSL certificates and PCI compliancy tests.

Why You Use eWay Shared Payments

  1. With the eWAY's Responsive Shared Page, you customize the secure payment page with smart templates and beautiful designs to boost your sales.
  2. You may now redirect a customer to a browser responsive shared page for accepting card details. This page will adapt itself to match the browsers resolution to ensure optimal viewing experience. The shared page is also the method to use when a website SSL is not available.
  3. With the eWay shared page - the customer is directed away from your site, to a secure location in order to enter their card details. This completely removes any liability from you for their card security.

Benefits of eWay Shared Payments

  1. Fast, simple setup, free 24/7 support, powerful payment products, dozens of partner banks and incredible value pricing plans eWAY really is payments made easy. To ensure that your business has immediate access to a large customer base, Visa and MasterCard are standard inclusions in every eWAY account.
  2. The eWay payment method redirects your customers to a secure eWay payment page where they fill in their credit card details and finalize their payment with eWay before returning back to your merchant website where their transaction results will be shown.

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