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Mobile Web Design

If you want your site to fit in your pocket, it should be tailored to fit. A responsive web design is the best fit for most websites. However, in unique situations, when the user goals and content are strategically different on a mobile device, the best solution is to produce a separate mobile presence. Mobile web design is about building another version of your site by adapting the design, content, and features.

A mobile device has about one tenth as many pixels as a regular screen. And since form follows function, the mobile site needs its own design. The design should be simpler. Designing for mobile devices needs to be simpler than its standard website and more task-based to get the job done because users look for something specific and urgent.

We at HawksCode provide services related to mobile application development and mobile web designing. Our team of experts has much experience on designing of mobile applications. We are working on designing of many mobile applications of different industries. Our teams are very flexible for working on different kinds of applications.

It is very difficult to design web applications for limited screen size and functionalities. The mobile world contains a rich variation of design considerations from different screen sizes and resolution to a variety of shapes. Aim to strike a balance between sufficient screen width and audience size.


  1. Easy access to your contact information.
  2. Zoom/Move product images.
  3. Keep your mobile site connected with your desktop.
  4. Large call-to-actions.
  5. Click-to-call functionality.
  6. Simple navigation
  7. Mobile-Friendly Features to Maximize Your Business.
  8. Anywhere Access to Your Business.
  9. Recognizable Domain Name For Your Customers


    1. Touch-friendly design and navigation.
    2. Mobile-specific features such as click-to-call and SMS.
    3. Standards-compliant, responsive page templates.
    4. Integration with 3rd party applications and functionality.
    5. Mapping and geo-location
    6. Mobile search engine optimization

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Mobile Web Design

If you want your site to fit in your pocket, it should be tailored to fit.

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