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Adobe Flash Player is the standard for delivering high-impact, rich Web content. Designs, animation, and application user interfaces are deployed immediately across all browsers and platforms, attracting and engaging users with a rich Web experience.

Adobe Flash Player is software used to stream and view video, audio and multimedia and Rich Internet Applications on a computer or supported mobile device. Flash Player was originally created by Macromedia, but is now developed and distributed by Adobe Systems Inc.

Flash Player runs SWF files, an Adobe Flash file format for displaying "animated" vector graphics on the Web. SWF file formats allow audio, video and several other possible forms of interaction with the end user. Once files are created, they can be played by the Adobe Flash Player, working either as a browser plugin or as a standalone player.

We at HawksCode provide services related to Adobe Flash. Our development team has expertise in it. We provide solutions to adobe flash problems by our experts.


  1. Stage 3D.
  2. Concurrency.
  3. Full-Screen Support.
  4. Enhanced Mouse Control.
  5. HD-quality video.
  6. High Quality Service.
  7. Content Protection.
  8. Multicore Rendering
  9. SWF File Optimization
  10. Advanced Bitmap Control


  1. 3D Transformation.
  2. Object-Based Transformation.
  3. XMP Support.
  4. Procedural Modeling.

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