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The Zend Engine is the open source scripting engine that interprets the PHP programming language. It was written in C as a highly optimized modular back-end, which for the first time could be used in applications outside of PHP. The Zend Engine provides memory and resource management, and other standard services for the PHP language. Its performance, reliability and extensibility played a significant role in PHP's increasing popularity.

Zend Framework is a fully object-oriented framework, and as such, it utilizes a lot of object-oriented concepts like inheritance and interfaces. This makes most, if not all, of ZF's components extendable to some point. It allows developers to implement their own special variations of individual components without having to hack into the ZF codebases itself. Being able to customize ZF this way allows you to create functionality that is unique to your project, but because of its object-oriented nature, you'll be able to use this functionality in other projects as well.

We at HawksCode used the features of Zend. We are using the latest features and technologies of Zend but also implementing them with the help of Zend compatible tools. All the resources that are required for Development of Zend are available to our developers.

Our development through Zend is fulfilling the requirement of Users. It is very user-friendly, so development through it is very easy. Our developers have much experience in Zend development.


  1. Extended Z-Ray Real-Time Vision.
  2. New Mobile-Optimized Z-Ray Live.
  3. Z-Ray Extensibility API.
  4. URL Insight.
  5. Only Certified PHP Distribution.
  6. Ultimate Debugging with Z-Ray
  7. Unmatched Debugging of Mobile Apps and APIs.
  8. Open Gallery of Community Add-ons and Plugins
  9. Detailed insights on slow performing URLs
  10. Powerful Application Monitoring
  11. Ease of Deployment


  1. Zend Content Management System Development.
  2. Zend Web Development.
  3. Custom Zend Application Development.
  4. Web Portal Development using Zend.
  5. Zend E-commerce Solutions
  6. Zend Social Networking Solutions
  7. Zend Database Connection Services

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