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Symfony is an Open Source PHP framework for developing web applications. It was originally conceived by the interactive agency SensioLabs for the development of web sites for its own customers. Symfony was published in 2005 under MIT Open Source license and today it is among the leading frameworks available for PHP development.

It is supported by SensioLabs but also by a large community Symfony provides many resources: plentiful documentation, community support, professional support, and so on. Symfony2 is a reusable set of standalone, decoupled, and cohesive PHP components that solve common web development problems.

Thousands of web sites and applications rely on the Symfony framework and the Symfony components as the foundation of their web services. And most of the leading PHP projects, such as Drupal, phpBB, Laravel and eZ Publish use Symfony components to build their applications.

We at HawksCode also utilizing the components of Symfony for developing web applications and web services. Our experts are using the features and tools of Symfony to implement its components to develop web applications. Our web applications are properly accessing the user-requirements. Our developers are well-qualified and have much knowledge about it. We also have expertise in Symfony Development.


  1. Database engine-independent.
  2. Easy to install and configure on most platforms.
  3. Simple to use, in most cases, but still flexible enough to adapt to complex cases.
  4. Based on the premise of convention over configuration.
  5. Compliant with most web best practices and design patterns.
  6. Very readable code, with phpDocumentor comments, for easy maintenance
  7. framework is totally customizable.


  1. Symfony Content Management System Development.
  2. Symfony Web Development.
  3. Custom Symfony Application Development.
  4. Symfony E-commerce Solutions.
  5. Symfony Social Networking Solutions

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