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Xamarin Hybrid Mobile Application

Hybrid apps work across platforms and behave like native counterpart. To create such apps in a renowned platform like Xamarin, developers target Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS with a shared C# codebase. With the help of Xamarin platform, developers use same data structures, APIs, and languages for different platforms. Entire apps are written in C#, and the code is shared between platforms. C# covers all the features of Java, Swift, and Objective C. Therefore, you can create similar native apps in C# with cross-platform compatibility.

We at HawksCode provide services for Xamarin Mobile Application Development. Our team of Experts provides solutions which are user-friendly and reliable. These solutions and apps are built on user requirements. Our team has created a large number of apps on Xamarin. So they have experience for working on it.


  1. Native User Interface.
  2. Native Performance.
  3. Native focused.
  4. Shared Code Across Platforms.
  5. C# & .NET Framework.
  6. Full API Coverage
  7. Distributed.
  8. Portable Class Libraries


  1. Visual Studio Integration.
  2. iOS App Development.
  3. Cross Platform App Development.
  4. Web App Development.
  5. Mobile App Development
  6. Community App Development
  7. E-commerce App Development

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