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Windows Azure

In today's time lots of technologies are taking place due to digital technology invention. But cloud computing and hosting is the latest trend in technology. Not every technology is compatible with it and uses it. But few of them like windows, windows Azure are using it properly. It is using it with excellence.

The best benefit can be utilized by this technology because it offers you the ability to do this by managed system of cloud computing and data centers. With its services and features, it provides you the most secure and reliable platform to maintain and build your applications.

We at HawksCode are equipped with best Windows Azure technology. We always provide you the best solutions for your problems by Windows Azure services like platform as a service and Infrastructure as a service. Our developers are equipped with the latest technology and tools for Azure development and provide you the right solution and suggestion for programming tools.

By our Well-qualified developers and our approach we always produce the useful product which is unique in services. We always help you to get the unique solution for your business needs. We provide you the most valuable solution for your web application development. We also provide the facilities like messaging, virtual machines, data management etc.


  1. Full IIS Support.
  2. Support for Multiple Administrators.
  3. Elevated Privileges.
  4. Windows Azure AppFabric Caching and Service Bus.
  5. Windows Azure Extra Small Instance.
  6. Windows Azure Virtual Network.
  7. Virtual Machine role.


  1. Windows Azure Data Management.
  2. Web Hosting.
  3. Cloud Services.
  4. Virtual Machines Migration.
  5. Deployment Services.
  6. Media Services.

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