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Nowadays Development of Web APIs has made it easy to solve business needs related to web development. This is an effective tool to fulfill the web development needs. It is helpful for all types of businesses.

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Application Program Interface or API as it is commonly called is a set of protocols and routines that provides building blocks for web developers and programmers to build smarter and more functional software applications. Associated with desktop applications and computer operating systems in the earlier days, web APIs have now emerged as one of the most important tools for the development of websites and web-based applications.

We at HawksCode can increase your business by developing an API of other third party program into your program or by developing custom API and web services that can be used by third party programs to communicate and exchange information with your business. Usually custom API development is used in business to business applications where one program can use the services of another specializing in a particular field. APIs are based on different methodology but most common SOAP and XML and Web Services are used for exchange of data on the internet.

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