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Career Helper


Career Helper


Career Helper and Personalized advice analytics feature enables testing of conceptual understanding and retention of skills. It is helpful for those who want to test their skills for their upcoming examinations.

This is the first and only product in the world to provide best career counseling to an individual as with the help of this individual can get to know the interest and strength of an individual and based on that our experts will guide to that individual.This can make the individual sure that in which field his/her interest is in so that our experts will inform them about courses and institutes related to that field.

Know your talents, skills, strengths, and weaknesses.Choose the profession that suits you bestGet best career guidance by Experts. Our Career Helper includes test series in it. In which students can check their interest. Career Helper suggests courses and higher studies to students according to their interests. Students can know their skills, interests and weakness. Career Helper helps to suggest profession that suits the students best according to their test skills.

Career Helper consists of 4 different types of tests designed by experts:

  1. IQ Test
  2. Basic Test
  3. Advanced Test
  4. Psychometric Test4

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