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RealEx Payments

The Realex Payments add on connects Shop to the Realex Payments Global Iris platform transaction processing for UK-based merchants. This adds on for Shop uses the Realex Payments RealAuth Remote XML API to provide a seamless onsite checkout process where the customer completes the entire purchase on your website.

If you're setting up an online store you'll need a Payment Gateway. This is the middleman that sits between your online store and your bank account. Its primary purpose, and why you need one, is to provide software for your website that can securely take the customer's credit card details.

Why You Use RealEx Payments

  1. Supports the following credit and debit cards: Visa, Visa Debit, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, 3V Visa, Dinners, Maestro International, Switch/Solo
  2. Multi-store, multi-currency and multi-accounts support
  3. Provides transaction management from Admin
  4. Choose between Authorize and Capture payments or Authorize only online payments
  5. Supports partial Invoices and partial Credit Memos
  6. Supports creation of orders and capturing payments from Magento Admin using Realex Payments, also known as Mail Orders/Telephone Orders

Benefits of RealEx Payments

Accept all major card types. Add PayPal and local and alternative payment methods to your checkout to help boost your conversions. Integrate with Realex Payments in less than five minutes or use one of the many shopping carts and software platforms that work with us already.

Manage, reconcile and report on all your transactional activity in a single location through our comprehensive online reporting tool, Real Control. Securely store your customers card details for easy repeat payments. We handle the card storage to alleviate your PCI responsibility. Use our dynamic currency conversion and multi-currency features to improve the payment process for your international customers.

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