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Digital technologies are also entered into the Logistics and Distribution industry and caused change in significant way in which business is now undertaken. Digitization of all the assets has created solutions which are not possible before the arrival of digital technology across the board. Digital technology is leading towards the enhanced visibility of logistics operations, which is permeating across the entire supply chain. Delivery status of tracking from mobile devices and undertaking transactions via online applications and workflows, industry becomes able to use it and create better and more personalized user experience. Digitization has also renewed the process involved in maintenance and testing of applications, in terms of existing applications, thus it reduces the cost and increase availability.

These applications need to push towards the next generation modernizing platform. This modernizing has taken place for industry, especially for the clients in the intermodal transport spaces.

We at HawksCode provide the industry resources to work with new business models. From the models of existing system models to new system model for support and software, it makes the industry enable to reduce costs, time and working with tremendous facilities. This makes it enable in working with two manners, entering in emerging market and then increasing in intermodal market.

Distribution industry is defined by large volumes, large variety of products and continuously requirement of high level of complexity. These complexities and challenges include different types of shapes and sizes of products and quality and quantity of product. It also includes package to be handled, the variables that affect the flow of product and need for management software. System Logistics offers customized solutions for automation and high performance technologies to manage the high complexity of the distribution business. System Logistics solutions increase the efficiency of internal processes and the quality of service to the end customer. Additionally, the solutions improve the ergonomics and working conditions of employees and reduce the total cost of logistics.

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