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About Online Health Corner

On-line health counsulting, Online Appointment system over Duty/Home practice, and worldwide Pramotion for Speciality and Services. An Social worldwide networks between HOSPITALS/DOCTORS/PHARMAnies


An On-line Portal for HOSPITALS/DOCTORS/PHARMAnies/ CLINICS/Research Centers to provide an single window Health counsling over Specialists with large number fields of medical departments.


Paitents & their Family Members, Doctors, Hospitals, Pharma Companies.

Product Details

Online Space For

  1. Hospitals
  2. Doctors
  3. Research Centers
  4. pharma Companies
  5. Paitents
  6. Private Clinics

Social Networking for User

  1. Online Health counsling
  2. On-line Appintments
  3. Online networking with Hospitals, Doctors filtered @ area & Speciality

Welcome to Online Health Corner.

An Online portal for Medical Services providing organization to initiate for an batter service and to market themselves as well.

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