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Phonegap Corodova Mobile Apps Development Company - London

Phonegap is a cross-platform mobile app development technology. For outstanding user experience and quality products, Phonegap is the quick tool for development of mobile apps. Phonegap helps to develop apps that are used for multiple platforms. Mostly developers use Apache Cordova for development and it is distributed by Phonegap. Phonegap turns your HTML, CSS and JavaScript into an app which is compatible for multiple platforms.

Phonegap is a cross-platform technology but for development in it you need complete knowledge about standard web technologies that are used in it. Phonegap Cordova is the fastest way to develop applications and developers also don't need to learn new technologies they can develop apps from it using their existing knowledge of HTML,CSS and JavaScript. It is easy for developers to develop this kind of apps.

We at HawksCode Softwares Pvt. Ltd, UK are developing apps using Phonegap technology. Our developers have complete knowledge about its tools. We are equipped with latest tools, technology and resources. Developers also have complete knowledge about HTML, CSS and JavaScript. These are standard web technologies that are used in this development.

Phonegap is technology that is based on multiple programming languages. Our developers have expertise in development of apps. Phonegap is used in many companies and becomes very popular with its invention. It is mostly used for cross-platform app development. Phonegap Provides Apache Cordova which is used for cross-platform development.

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  1. Interface Design
  2. Fast Loading Apps
  3. Designer Layouts
  4. Attractive Apps
  5. Business Relevant Apps
  6. iOS Apps Development
  7. Cross-Platform Apps Development
  8. Integration with APIs and JSON

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