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WorldPay Offsite offers secure, low cost solutions for credit card processing online. With WorldPay Offsite, you don't need to worry about setting up an SSL certificate because your customers are automatically redirected to a fully hosted WorldPay payments page where credit card information is retrieved safely and transactions are processed instantly.

WorldPay Offsite is a payment gateway which means whether you're signing up for a brand new account or interested in using an existing one the integration process is fast and easy.

Why You Use WorldPay

  1. Convenient for your customers by using the familiar online banking data
  2. No e-wallet, so no additional registration
  3. Automated and transparent processes, even with credits
  4. No media break "your customer remains your customer" and will remain on your site
  5. Over 100 plug-ins for standardized shop systems and powerful API for easy integration of individual systems Store
  6. Direct and binding payment
  7. By real-time transaction confirmation the order can be shipped immediately
  8. Faster than payment by bank transfer
  9. Fast cash flow, high liquidity

Benefit of WorldPay

PayPal is a faster, easier and safer way for customers to pay you online using all major debit and credit cards, online bank transfers and payments direct from account holders PayPal balance.

  1. Accept debit, credit, EBT cards and checks quickly, securely and cost-effectively.
  2. Process payments in person, over the phone and online.
  3. Find the terminal with the features and functionality best suited for your business.
  4. Promote your brand and grow your business by attracting new customers and keep them coming back.
  5. Capitalize on existing customers by increasing customer loyalty and encouraging repeat visits.

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