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Sofort Uberweisung

Sofort Uberweisung is an online payment system of instant GmbH for cashless payment on the internet. The process is a pseudo- payment system, as the dealer does not pay, but a confirmation of payment immediately receives. This most traders act as payment in advance and provide goods or downloads available immediately.

Sofort Uberweisung is a real-time bank transfer method where the consumers are redirected to their own online banking page to complete a transaction. After initiation of the transaction, the consumer is led to a secure Internet site, where they confirm the transaction with their online banking credentials. The transfer order is instantly confirmed to the merchant, allowing an instant delivery of goods and services.

Why You Use Sofort Uberweisung

  1. Convenient for your customers by using the familiar online banking data
  2. No e-wallet, so no additional registration
  3. Automated and transparent processes, even with credits
  4. No media break "your customer remains your customer" and will remain on your site
  5. Over 100 plug-ins for standardized shop systems and powerful API for easy integration of individual systems Store
  6. Direct and binding payment
  7. By real-time transaction confirmation the order can be shipped immediately
  8. Faster than payment by bank transfer
  9. Fast cash flow, high liquidity

Benefits of Sofort Uberweisung

  1. Requires minimal implementation effort
  2. Broad coverage in the region
  3. Sofort has a market share of over 50% in Germany
  4. Accelerates the receipt of payment requests
  5. Provides secure payments
  6. Offers technologically advanced fraud-scrubbing tools
  7. Offers real-time payment confirmation

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