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PayPal Pro

PayPal Payments Pro allows you to accept payments with a completely customizable solution. This integration method leverages the PayPal Payflow Gateway to transmit payments to your PayPal Internet Merchant Account.

It also gives the merchant the flexibility to change payment processors without having to reconstruct their technical integration. When using PayPal Payments Pro using Payflow Gateway integration, merchants can use the Transparent Redirect feature to help manage PCI compliance.

Why You Use PayPal Pro

  1. Accept one time payments as well as recurring payments
  2. Specify the terms for recurring payments, such as length and interval, in the admin area
  3. Offer a free trial on subscriptions and specify the length of the trial in the admin area
  4. Customers can view their own subscriptions online
  5. Create and send simple invoices that customers can view and pay online
  6. Accept payments through PayPal Standard
  7. Fully responsive design works and looks great on desktops, tablets and smartphones
  8. View and manage all payments and subscriptions in the secure admin area
  9. Allow customers to enter in a custom payment amount or show a list of pre-defined items for sale

Benefits of PayPal Pro

  1. Easy Migration Features: Includes a setting to change the default payment method of clients who checkout through this gateway to always use this gateway in the future.
  2. Enhanced Currency Recognition: Charge clients in the currency of your choice, recognizes the currency being checked out with & the client's default currency choice.
  3. Fully PCI Compliant: No PayPal or card details are stored on your site, ensuring your site meets the latest PCI requirements.

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