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PayPal Powered by Braintree

PayPal powered by Braintree is a payment gateway that combines credit and debit card processing with PayPal OneTouch, an interface that lets your customers pay with their PayPal account without ever leaving your storefront. In addition to being optimized for both desktop and mobile shopping, PayPal powered by Braintree also offers advanced functionality like fraud protection, 3D Secure, and the ability to authorize payments before capture.

It is also very easy to use. It is available in United States only. User can easily checkout with this by signing up to this and get the extension for free. It is very easy to use and pay.

Why You Use PayPal Powered by Braintree

  1. Get Free Extension for Free By Signing Up
  2. Checkout without Account of PayPal
  3. Accept all the major cards including debit and credit cards
  4. Accept all the currencies
  5. Increase Security and also prevent the frauds
  6. Easy Extension Installation
  7. Offer Refunds

Benefits of PayPal Powered by Braintree

  1. With Braintree Auth, e-commerce platform owners, as well as shopping cart providers and recurring billing services, can now make it easier for their merchant customers to accept credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal payments on their own storefronts through a single interface for shoppers.
  2. The system also introduces a secure way for shoppers to store their cards with a website, and then have those cards shared with other connected merchants also using Braintree to power their payments.
  3. Braintree's payment gateway offers virtually automatic PCI Compliance by storing the credit card data off of the merchants systems and on its own secured servers. The system allows cards to be recharged or refunded without reentering the card information and enables merchants to set up recurring charges for periodic billing purposes, such as subscriptions and memberships.

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