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Choosing the right payment gateway for your business is an important decision in the ecommerce world. The PayJunction payment gateway offers a fully hosted shopping cart, third party applications, web-based invoices and receivables, top-notch security and fast payment processing.

PayJunction is a payment processing service designed to allow business to accept payments and electronic signatures using easy hosted payment pages, third party shopping carts, or a virtual terminal option.

Why You Use PayJunction

PayJunction is PCI-compliant provider, offering industry-standard security for businesses. PayJunction also complies with HIPPA regulations.

  1. Authorize - where the cardholder's funds are verified as available and set aside for the pending transaction.
  2. Authorize Capture - where the cardholder's funds are verified and immediately transferred to the merchant.
  3. Capture - a full transfer of funds from the cardholder's pending authorization to the merchant. PayJunction does not support partial capture amounts.

Benefits of PayJunction

  1. Peripherals: PayJunction supports peripherals that increase the convenience and functionality of your payment systems, including card readers and electronic signature capture equipment.
  2. Fraud management: To help prevent fraud, PayJunction offers basic fraud management tools including Address Verification and CVV.
  3. API resources: PayJunction offers a developer center, including API documentation, API updates, PCI coding standards, and more.

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