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Nochex is the UK's leading independent online payment company, founded over 10 years ago. We make it possible for people who sell goods online to accept payments safely and securely. Nochex is the UK's leading independent provider of secure online payments.

Nochex provides businesses with a fully integrated, online merchant account system that allows them to accept online payments from anyone with a credit or debit card. The system does not require a costly payment gateway or the websites customers to sign up for a Nochex account.

Why You Use Nochex

  1. Make it easy for you to get paid, but also make it safe & secure
  2. Provide you with a friendly and supportive service
  3. Work with you to make your business a success
  4. Make your money readily accessible as quickly as possible
  5. Keep our prices low and only charge you when you use our service

Benefits of Nochex

Receive mail order and phone payments safely using our straightforward online payment solution. Automatically process payments at fixed time intervals. Make life simpler for you and your customers. Operate a marketplace and provide your sellers with an easy-to-use secure payment solution. Accept card payments securely online the simple way for goods and services sold from your websites.

  1. Quick and easy to use plugin
  2. Safe and reliable payment system
  3. Wide offering of payment options
  4. Real-time status of payments
  5. Accept real time payment without leaving your website

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