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Customers can pay for goods and services when they have been received, allowing them to trust small and new shops by relying on Klarna to take care of them. By the same token, Klarna assumes the risk for shop owners, by covering the payments for your products whatever happens.

Klarna Checkout integrates popular payment methods in a super simple solution where the customer can shop using only their email address and postcode. The customer then confirms the purchase before choosing how they want to pay.

Why You Use Klarna

  1. Klarna Invoice will allow customers to receive goods before making a payment, at which point they are invoiced by Klarna.
  2. Klarna Account allows customers to aggregate multiple purchases, or make large purchases and pay them off in installments.
  3. Klarna Special Campaign allows for offers such as 'Buy now, pay in 6 months by setting specific payment dates for Klarna customers to pay for their orders

Benefits of Klarna

  1. Easy to use: It's easy to get started with Klarna through the module developed by Vaimo. And Klarna's fully automated invoices will minimize your administration.
  2. No risk, you always get paid: Klarna assumes all potential financial risks for both the consumer and the e-store, meaning the e-store always gets paid, since Klarna assumes the fraud and credit risk.
  3. Less friction, more sales: Klarna maximizes conversion rates by simplifying buying for your e-store's consumers. More people who enter the checkout will actually complete their purchase.
  4. Optimized for all devices: Since there's no login or need for filling out card numbers, Klarna's payment methods will increase conversion. Without friction, mobiles can perform as well as desktops.

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