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Basically, you buy your Authorize.Net Payment Gateway account from a Reseller, who may also be a Merchant Service Provider, and the entity your merchant bank account uses to process your transactions is your Processor. Authorize.Net acts as a bridge between your company and the financial entities that handle the processing and settlement of credit card transactions.

Authorize.Net has been a leading provider of payment gateway services, managing the submission of billions of transactions to the processing networks on behalf of merchant customers. Authorize.Net is a solution of CyberSource Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Visa.

Why You Use Cyber Source Solutions

  1. Authorize.Net enables merchants to authorize, settle and manage credit card and electronic check transactions via Web sites, retail stores, mail order/telephone order call centers and mobile devices. An Authorize.Net Payment Gateway Account is the communication tool that enables you to authorize, settle and manage credit card and electronic check payments.
  2. CyberSource partners with and connects to a network of payment processors and other payment service providers to offer merchants a single source solution that simplifies Payment Management.
  3. Accept all the major cards including debit and credit cards

Benefits of Cyber Source Solutions

PayPal is a faster, easier and safer way for customers to pay you online using all major debit and credit cards, online bank transfers and payments direct from account holders PayPal balance.

  1. Reputation You Can Trust - More merchants trust Authorize.Net than any other payment gateway to manage their payment transactions securely and reliably.
  2. Easy to Integrate - Authorize.Net offers several methods for linking Web sites to the payment gateway. Online merchants can choose the method that best suits their business needs. Retail merchants integrate to the payment gateway via third-party POS solutions.
  3. Free Customer Support - Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. That's why we provide free customer support via toll-free telephone, e-mail and online chat.
  4. Scalability - Authorize.Net provides valuable solutions for cost-conscious merchants. If your business needs change, you can transition to the CyberSource Advanced service for enterprise-volume processing, international payments, advanced risk management services, and more.

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