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Authorize .Net AIM

AIM stands for Advanced Integrated Method. AIM is the preferred method for securely connecting a website or application to the Payment Gateway. Fully customizable, AIM gives merchants complete control over all the steps in the checkout process. AIM allows merchants to collect payment information on an SSL payment form hosted on their web server, securely transmit transaction data to the Payment Gateway for settlement and generate email receipts.

The AIM API provides the most common integration for Typically, if the integration method is not specified, it's using the AIM API. This version of the integration allows for the most seamless checkout, as it keeps customers on your site and supports mobile checkout, but therefore requires an SSL certificate to be used.

Why You Use Authorize.Net AIM

  1. Accept the Payments Across the Globe
  2. Offer Refunds to the Customers
  3. Show decline Message at Checkout Time
  4. Automatically Detect Card Type
  5. Accept All Types of Cards
  6. Customized Experience to User

Benefits of Authorize.Net AIM

  1. Easy Setup: Just log into the Authorize.Net Merchant Interface and follow the instructions in the Digital Payment Solutions section.
  2. Unified Reporting: PayPal Express Checkout is seamlessly integrated with Authorize.Net, allowing you to see your PayPal transactions in the Merchant Interface.
  3. Maximize International Opportunities: Open the door to international merchants who may not have access to traditional credit cards.
  4. Speedy Checkout: Your buyers can speed through checkout using the shipping information and payment source already stored in their PayPal accounts. They don't have to re-type any information saving them time and potentially reducing shopping cart abandonment.

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