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2Checkout is a payment gateway that offers a local online buying experience with global scope. With multicurrency capabilities, adaptive forms, 300+ fraud measures intact, PCI compliance and an easy-to-use system, 2Checkout is a popular choice among ecommerce merchants.

Our checkout experience maximizes conversions by adapting to local languages, currencies and payment methods. It also reflects your brand, which buyers trust. 2Checkout focuses its service solely on providing online payment options to small and mid-size businesses and claims to have much lower shopping cart abandonment rates than its competitors.

Why You Use 2CheckOut

  1. Debit and credit card processing
  2. International processing
  3. Hosted online shopping cart
  4. PCI-compliant payment gateway
  5. Foreign language and currency support
  6. Allow payment with credit/debit card

Benefits of 2CheckOut

Accept all major card types. Add PayPal and local and alternative payment methods to your checkout to help boost your conversions. Integrate with Realex Payments in less than five minutes or use one of the many shopping carts and software platforms that work with us already.

  1. All major credit and debit cards supported
  2. Available in 34 countries
  3. Free merchant account
  4. 100 currencies available
  5. Free Fraud Protection to keep you safe

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