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Maccabi World Union (Registered Amutah 580037158) is the largest and longest running Jewish sports organization spanning over five continents, more than 60 countries, 450 clubs, and 400,000 members. MWU is a Zionist organization that utilizes sports as a means to bring Jewish people of all ages closer to Judaism and Israel in addition to various informal educational activities in a manner that surpasses politics and sectarianism. Many Maccabi clubs serve as community centers and youth movements providing a diversity of educational, cultural, social and sports activities under one roof. In addition, Maccabi has its unique international signature activity in Jewish sports, the Maccabiah Games in Israel which take place every 4 years.

Maccabi World Union is comprised of six (6) confederations:

  1. Maccabi Australia (APA)
  2. European Maccabi Confederation -EMC
  3. Maccabi Israel
  4. Maccabi Latin America-CLAM
  5. Maccabi North America
  6. Maccabi South Africa (SA)


The Maccabiah is the world's largest Jewish athletic competition in the tradition and values of Maccabi, emphasizing the centrality of the State of Israel in the life of the Jewish people.The Maccabiah takes place every four (4) years in Israel - "the Jewish Olympics" as they are often called, are Maccabi World Union's largest and most famous enterprise. The principal mission of the Maccabiah is to facilitate a worldwide gathering of young Jewish athletes in Israel, staging the highest possible levels of sports competitions, and strengthening their connection to the State of Israel and the Jewish people.

Within the Maccabiah there are four separate competitions that take place; Open, Junior, Masters, and Paralympics. Junior games are open to any qualifying athlete aged 15-18. Masters are divided into a number of different age categories mostly to accommodate older competitors and the Open division is generally unlimited in age, subject to the governing international rules in each sport, and is intended for the best athletes from each delegation. In order to participate in the Maccabiah, athletes must represent a delegation. Delegations are formed by each of the Territorial Organizations that participate, i.e. France, Brazil, Germany, United States, Canada, Hungary, Australia, etc.


he 20th Maccabiah / Maccabiah 2017 is going to be the biggest, and probably the most successful of all Maccabiot - a saga which started in 1932. During July 4-18 2017, the largest international Jewish-Zionist event will host about 10,000 athletes and 22,000 additional fans from more than 80 countries in a festival of Sports, Jewish continuity and connection to the Center of the Jewish People, the State of Israel. All Jewish Communities are engaged in this extraordinary goal, under the general organization of Maccabi World Union - supported by the State of Israel and all Israel National Institutions. Besides meeting each other in competitive matches in the most qualified stadiums, Israelis and Jews from every corner of the world will join in countless programs designed to build strong relationships and significant shared experiences. Maccabiah 2017 will celebrate the 50 years of Jerusalem since its reunification, in its Opening Ceremony at Jerusalem Teddy Stadium and many other events. Maccabiah 2017: 80 countries - one heart. Peoplehood and Zionism. Present and Future for the Jewish People.

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