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Windows is also available in Smartphones platform. Windows is developed by Microsoft and provided for Mobile platform. There are lots of apps available in windows. Windows is provided by Microsoft Win 32 API. You can use the features of .Net Framework, Blackberry application development in Windows Mobile.

We at HawksCode provide solutions that are useful for business needs. Our experts are developing applications from a long time and have expertise in it. We have developed many applications for iPhone. These apps are user-friendly and fulfilling the user requirements. Our apps are based on the business of the client so that it can increase the customers to business.

Services in Windows Mobile App Development

  1. Windows Mobile Web Application Development.
  2. Windows Mobile E-Commerce App Development.
  3. Windows Mobile Enterprise App Development.
  4. Windows Mobile Wi-Fi App Development.
  5. Windows Mobile Business App Development.
  6. Windows Mobile Social Sites Application Development.

Benefits of Windows Mobile App Development

Microsoft will ensure apps on Windows Phone 8 are treated like "Live Apps," which will be more deeply integrated into digital wallets, social services and other online mobile hubs. For developers frustrated with Apple's traditionally long approval process, Windows Phone 8 might offer an accelerated way to connect apps into the areas that are most popular with consumers.

Windows Phone 8 will feature a lock screen with room at the top to display either a rotation of the user's favorite apps, or a random rotation of apps. For developers struggling to increase repeat usage, the lock screen could offer a useful reminder of what they're installed.

Microsoft's App Store has about 120,000 apps. The company hopes to attract 45 of the top 50 apps to its platform, which means there's a considerably greater chance of being treated as a featured app or being found more easily by Windows Phone 8 users than through Apple or Google Play.

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