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Hire Windows 10 Developer

Windows 10 is the latest launch from Microsoft and it is known for its fixed standards in mobile world. Developing applications for it requires knowledge about Microsoft developing tools. Windows 10 has made its place by its amazing features and capabilities. It is very user-friendly.

We at We at HawksCode develop applications for Windows 10. Our developers have all the knowledge about developing tools and resources of the Microsoft. We are developing applications for Windows from a long time. Our developers have much experience about it. We also provide developers for hiring on hourly basis.

Services in Windows 10 Development

  1. Windows Games Development.
  2. Windows Enterprise App Development.
  3. Windows E-Commerce App Development.
  4. Windows Web Applications.
  5. Windows Entertainment Application Development.
  6. Windows Social Media Application Development.
  7. Website Development.

Benefits of Windows 10 Development

Lock screen is attractive feature of Windows apps. Having enough room at top, this lock screen allows a user to rotate his/her favorite apps or even rotate apps randomly. Developers, who are struggling for an increase in repeated usage, can easily recall what they have installed with the help of this lock screen.

The app store of Microsoft currently has a total of about 1, 20,000 apps. Among the top 50 apps from this store, forty five are expected to easily run on the platform that is being used for Windows phone app development. Hence, there is a likely possibility that Windows phone apps will be considered as a featured app. This in turn will make it easier for Windows phone users to access and utilize these apps. In other words, there is plenty of room for further development with Windows phone apps.

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