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Silverlight is very versatile framework of Microsoft. It is cross platform and cross browser framework. It is used in development of framework web application for Microsoft. It is also used for development of Rich web applications and advance features of websites.

We at HawksCode offer developer for hiring for development through Silverlight. Our developers have knowledge about features of Silverlight. We utilize the features of Microsoft for development of Web applications through Silverlight. Our developers have expertise in it. We have many applications with it.

Services in Silverlight Development

  1. Silverlight CMS Development.
  2. Silverlight Application Development.
  3. Silverlight QA Services.
  4. Silverlight Framework Services.
  5. Silverlight Testing Services.
  6. Silverlight Web Services Development.
  7. Silverlight Web Application Development.

Benefits of Silverlight Development

The Silverlight plug-in means developers can target a single, consistent runtime for browser-based applications, rather than dealing with the complexity of multiple browsers in different versions. You also get video and multimedia effects that are hard or impossible with pure HTML and JavaScript, though Adobe Systems' Flash has the same advantages.

Execute .NET code without deploying the .NET runtime. The Silverlight plug-in does include a cut-down .NET runtime, but instead of dealing with a large download and the complexities of the Windows installer, the user has a small download of about 4MB, all handled within the browser. In my experience so far, installation is smooth and easy.

Performance is promising. Silverlight comes out well in this prime number calculator, thanks no doubt to JIT compilation to native code, though it may not compare so well for rendering graphics.

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