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DotNet Nuke is also based on Microsoft. Its features are depends on windows. It is also a development tool for Microsoft. It utilizes the features of Windows so that development from DotNet Nuke provides classical features in its products. Development from it not as easy as other platform.

We at HawksCode have expertise in Development through DotNet Nuke. Our developers are experienced for developing applications using DotNet Nuke. We have developed many applications from it. You can hire our developers for development for windows using DotNet Nuke platform.

Services in DotNet Nuke Development

  1. DotNet Nuke CMS Development.
  2. DotNet Nuke Application Development.
  3. DotNet Nuke QA Services.
  4. DotNet Nuke Framework Services.
  5. DotNet Nuke Testing Services.
  6. DotNet Nuke Web Services Development.
  7. DotNet Nuke Web Application Development.
  8. DotNet Nuke Migration & Integration

Benefits of DotNet Nuke Development

Easy Web site administration: While working on this framework no programming knowledge is required. Clients can generate, supervise and publish web content without requiring any technical skill level.

Ready to use: DotNet Nuke is user-friendly framework and is built in such a way as to allow users to deal with all parts of their projects. A well worked out user interface allows an easy operation.

Advanced Features: The advanced features in DotNet Nuke exceed the features in your homegrown applications. Moreover it is a constantly evolving with multi-functionality to cater end-user requirements. It also saves development time.

Strength: The administrative options are skillfully divided between host level and individual portal level. In one hosting account the administrator at DotNet Nuke supports multiple portals or sites- each with its own look.

Powerful Tools: DotNet Nuke comes with a set of powerful tools. These built in tools provide multi-functionality for security, site designing, hosting, site membership options etc. There are various other features that can be manipulated as per your needs with these tools.

Network of Support: A Core Team of developers is always there to support DotNet Nuke. Online Forums, blogs, online help and various websites give DotNet Nuke a dedicated network of support.

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